Designing and Sublimation Printing of the Polyester Fabrics Using HyperRealism Style

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Ali Nazari
Abolfazl Davodi Roknabadi
Maryam Darvishi


Hyper-realism style is considered as attractive and meaningful concepts regarding to its unique and real advantages. One of the fields that has manifestation capacity of hyper- realism designs and has attracted less attention is textile. This research has focused on designing and printing images on polyester fabrics by using hyper- realism style. It was used polyester fabric as suitable substrate to print derived designs from hyper-realism designs in this research and also, it was used art elements and creating images to integrate two or more photos. Creative and various designs were printed by using designing software such as Photoshop, realism and concepts of mentioned art style. Hyper- realism designs were printed on fabrics by digital printing, painting and Batik printing, variously. Regarding to obtained attractive and innovative results, it can be used printed polyester fabric for fields such as clothe, panel, bedside lamp designing and other things. In such way, a diverse and different vision will be provided through mentioned applications. It shows high potential of derived designs from hyper- realism style and its generalization in different life situations. The results of the research showed that hyper-realism designs were printed on polyester fabrics by using common methods of printing such as digital printing and Batik printing, successfully.


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Nazari, A., Davodi Roknabadi, A., & Darvishi, M. (2019). Designing and Sublimation Printing of the Polyester Fabrics Using HyperRealism Style. International Journal of Applied Arts Studies (IJAPAS), 3(3), 55-64. Retrieved from
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